Why I Love Wedding Films

Hello there!

I can’t believe I’m just now writing about my obsession for wedding films. There’s just something about watching a couple’s special day come to life that is so magical. After browsing through a couple’s album on Style Me Pretty, I just love when there’s a link to a wedding film at the end. Another main way I find swoon-worthy wedding films to watch is by going directly to wedding film makers’ websites. Most film companies have a link to their blogs filled with wedding videos for you to pour your heart into. Check out my favorites page to see some of my favorite wedding film producers I’ve discovered over the years.

I’ve composed a list of the top 5 things I love about wedding videos. Here they are:

1. Emotion. This is obvious. The tears, the laughter, the guests’ happiness, and the couple’s pure bliss- it comes to life in a wedding film.

2. Music. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t cried over my fair share of wedding videos. I think one part of this comes from the music that is beautifully tied video clips. My iTunes library is now filled with lots of songs from my wedding film discoveries and I’m dang proud of it.

3. The Guests. One aspect of wedding films I love is when the cameras sweep over the guests. Whether it be at the ceremony or reception, seeing the guests reaction always makes me smile. They may be crying during the vows or dancing up a storm on the dance floor, but regardless these guests make up a huge part of the wedding. Wedding films capture their happiness.

4. Speeches. When those uber-talented film makers play a Best Man’s or Bridesmaid’s or Father of the Bride speech in the background of beautiful wedding footage, magic happens. Hearing what people who are so close to the bride and groom have to say about them is truly touching. Grab your Kleenex…

5. Movement. The way the bride’s dress moves in the breeze. The way the groom nervously fidgets at the altar. The way the crowd bursts into applause. This change from a still image to video incorporates a element of movement that is so wonderful.

Another very neat thing about wedding films is that the bride and groom can cherish it forever. After they make a grand exit (whether it be with twinkle lights or sparklers), the wedding ends. But, with a wedding film they can watch and re-watch the magic of their. And, they can pick up on neat moments they have missed during the wedding day.

To close out, I leave you with two of my all-time favorite wedding videos. I’ve yet to find any videos that stand out to me as much as these two do. I can honestly say these wedding videos have reaffirmed to me that I feel I belong in the wedding industry. After watching these, and countless others, I knew wanted to be a involved with weddings for the rest of my life. I I hope you enjoy them as much as I have 🙂

1. Jamie and Mike

This wedding gets me every time. Her dress is flawless. The Best Man’s speech? Golden. And the setting is my absolute favorite. Being a true Michigan girl, Northern Michigan is my favorite place in the world and weddings up there just make me so so so happy. Enjoy!

2. Jessica and Ronnie

What makes me love this video is the prayer in the beginning. And every single second after that. These two love Jesus and it’s incredible to hear love story and how they grew stronger together through faith. 10 out of 10.


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