My Experience as a Maid of Honor

This January (2015) I served as my cousin Hayley’s Maid of Honor!! It was so much fun and it also taught me a lot about weddings. This page gives a basic run-down of how I assisted Hayley prior to and on the big day. To read specific posts about Hayley’s wedding, click here. To read the wedding recap post, click here.



Hayley is not only my older cousin (by 5 years) but also one of my best friends! We are great friends and I always love spending time together- we are so close! She is a huge role model to me and I know I’ll have her standing by my side eventually when I get married someday.

The Asking:

Hayley asked me to be her Maid-of-Honor with this cute box that arrived in the mail. Inside the box was a photo of the bridesmaid dress, some hair ties  (“I can’t ‘tie’ the knot without you” on the package), a nail file, and lots of confetti and glitter.


The Process:

Being as in love with weddings as I am, I loved being there to help Hayley with wedding details. Although I didn’t assist with too much of the planning (they had a wedding planner), it is still fun to be apart of this special time and to see all the special details come together.

Pre-Wedding Jobs: 

-I communicated with bridesmaids and coordinated the group gift (scrapbook and monogram necklace)

-I made a scrapbook for Hayley with photos and letters from all of the bridesmaids. Here Hayley is reading it on the wedding day! (photo by the talented Josh McCullock)


-I attended showers and assisted in any way possible (such as writing down gift names, cleaning up, packing up gifts, mingling, etc.)

-I communicated with the wedding planner to coordinate the day-of details for the “getting ready” room for the bridesmaids (Included: food, drinks, magazines, music, etc.)

Wedding Weekend Jobs:

-I gave a speech at the Rehearsal Dinner

-I helped steam the veil and bridesmaids’ robes. I also helped with other miscellaneous prep work with my aunt and mom!

-I communicated details to the bridesmaids and family members

Wedding Day Jobs:

-I hung out with Hayley all day (so special!!) as she got ready to walk down the aisle! Here is a photo of us checking out the reception decor before getting ready.


-Us girls all had such a fun day spending time with Hayley! As soon as Hayley was about to head out for her “First Look” photos, Ashley (Matron-of-Honor) and I fixed her gown one last time 🙂 (Photo by Josh McCullock)



-After Hayley and Brandon’s “First Look”, the bridal party took group and individual photos with Hayley (like this one! Thanks again to Josh McCullock)


-After pictures, the bridal party hopped on a bus and drove to the church! The bridal party walked down the aisle and got in position at the altar. And then, the gorgeous bride entered! The groom teared up, as did myself and the other girls.

-The ceremony began! I fixed her veil throughout the ceremony. Time flew by and the couple exchanged vows and kissed! Woooo they were finally married!

-The bridal party and the newly married couple hopped back on the bus to return to the country club! Once we arrived back, they cut cake, did their first toast, and then the party began! Highlights of the night included dancing to the live band, visiting the food stations, and chatting with friends and family.

-The night ended with a rose petal toss exit. One word= gorgeous.



All in all, being a part of Hayley’s big day was so special, not only because it was a wedding, but because such an important person in my life got married. Thank you Hayley and Brandon for including me on your big day! Congratulations!


To read my post recapping Hayley’s wedding in greater detail, click here.

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